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Alden and Yayadub’s first meeting puts #ALDUB fans in frenzy

The Eat Bulaga ‘Kalyeserye’ featuring the on-screen love story of Alden and Yayadub, hence ALDUB, has undoubtedly brought the roof down. Every house that watches it and all the fans from all walks of life are fascinated.

Lola Nidora, the main antagonist and foster parent of Yayadub, does not want Alden to see Yayadub in person unless he successfully accomplishes all challenges. “This is to be sure that Alden’s love for Yayadub is for real”, says Lola Nidora.

But last Saturday (September 5), millions of fans in the Philippines and abroad were tuned in to witness the long-awaited event that of finally seeing each other for the very first time. Yes their eyes met in person, finally! It was one of the most ‘kilig’ moments of the ‘Kalyeserye’, but the titillating experience only lasted for a short time.

Here’s a compilation of videos circling the Internet showing some of the fans reaction to that highly anticipated scene. #ALDUBFans are equally entertaining as the ‘Kalyeserye’.

Bumigay ampotek!!!

Posted by Kupal Lord on Monday, September 7, 2015

GMA news reported that the #ALDUBBATTLEForACause (the Twitter hashtag for that day) reaches 5 million tweets! Nobody can’t escape the frenzy the #AlDUB phenomenon brings!

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