Asian Center for Comparative Governance launches in Bangkok

With the mission of advocating development governance, the Asian Center for Comparative Governance was launched on October 10, 2018 at Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok.

The grand launching was attended by educators, government and business leaders from five ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. It  was led by Mr Peter Lavina who serves as ACCG President. Lavina was the campaign spokesman of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 presidential elections. He also served as  the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Chief in the Philippines and a long-time city councilor in Davao City.

ACCG aims to be a leader in packaging world-class capacity building programs that will transform Asian professionals into industry leaders via double degree programs, research and publications, and industry immersions by top higher educational institutions in Asia.

Training partners which composed of top education institutions such Ocean Education Hanoi Vietnam, Eastern Asia University in Thailand, Mini Boss Business School Thailand, Bellarmine Global Education, Philippine Christian University and two other other higher education institutions from Myanmar and Indonesia have signed the memorandum of understanding with ACCG.

ACCG Board of Directors is composed of seasoned educators, business and government leaders from the Philippines and Kingdom of Thailand. They are the following.

President: Mr. Peter Lavina
Chairman: Dr. Helario Caminero
Executive Director: Dr. Robert Galindez
Director for Business Affairs: Dr. Lawrence Platon
Training Director: Dr. Jongkasem Platon
Director for Legal Affairs: Atty. Oliver Garcia

Meanwhile, the Asian Center for Comparative Governance will also be launched in Vietnam on November 24.