Barrio Food Fiesta

Barrio Fiesta: A Filipino Food Fest in the Land of Smiles

In the same way that thousands of islands are scattered in the Orient seas, local festivities are celebrated in various parts of the Philippines. Some are commemorated after a patron saint; some, in honor of a significant individual or a revered family in the community. Some people have created their own festivals to attract tourists, locals and foreigners alike. Regardless of the reason behind its origin, it is generally called a “fiesta”.

Fiesta is actually a Spanish word meaning “a religious festivity”. But as time went by, the word was gradually attached to any event that calls for a celebration. For Pinoys, a fiesta isn’t complete without feasting of foods!

11424485_10203079821756895_1399121356_oIf you’ve been working overseas for a period of time, this event is something you truly miss. You may sometimes disregard entertaining activities such as amateur singing contests, dance contests, coconut peeling contests and many other games but who will not crave for a table of Filipino delicacies where the rule is “eat all you can”? Oh wait! That’s just in one house! Remember the whole neighborhood is waiting for you. Indeed, it is a fiesta element to die for.

To bring OFWs closer to home, ‘Barrio Fiesta’ was held recently at the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok to commemorate the 117th Anniversary of the PHL Independence Day. With all the elements of a fiesta, Pinoys in Thailand was able to feel the revelry and joys of being home on this season. Along with this gathering are a variety of booths showcasing products and services to Filipinos. And of course, food sale!

Filipino foods extravaganza abound like it’s fiesta! You may eat all you can but it is not free. Among the array of mouth-watering cuisines that I tried are:

  • Puto at kutsinta – 50 baht per half dozen box.
  • Palitaw – 20 baht per 4 pieces
    Biko/Sinukmani – 20 baht per small slice
  • Halo-halo – 50 baht per medium-sized cup
  • Lumpiang Shanghai – 10 baht per small roll
  • Paksiw na bangus – 50 baht per serving
  • Beef caldereta – 70-180 baht per serving

More popular dishes that are served on that day include:

  • tortang talong
  • pancit
    pinoy-style spaghetti
  • pork sinigang
  • bopis
  • laing
  • pininyahang manok
  • barbecued hotdogs
  • turon

It was truly one of the happiest days for my buds and belly! I was satisfied and filled. If ever one comes without any penny, the freebies will save the day.

Ramkhamkaeng University Sports Complex

Highlights of activities

08.00 – 15.00 hrs
Basketball & Volleyball Championship Games

15.00 – 19.00 hrs
Pinoy Fun Fair & variety show
Pinoy food & products
Beauty & singing competitions
Impersonation contest
Raffle draws

For vendors who would like to avail of booths and tables, please contact Ms Jane Cabaya at 093-961-4758.

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Photos: Jess Tura & Rj Protacio