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Brazilian student got arrested at Bali airport with marijuana he bought from Thailand

He bought marijuana in Thailand where it is not illegal anymore, went to Indonesia with it, and got arrested.

A 25-year-old Brazilian student, identified with his ASG initials, was apprehended at Bali airport after authorities found 9.1 grams of marijuana in his possession.

He told the Indonesian authorities that he bought the weed in Thailand, as it is now decriminalized in the kingdom, but confessed not knowing that it is still illegal in Indonesia. Indonesia is still enforcing severe penalties for possessing ganja or marijuana.

ASG was arrested upon his arrival at the Ngurah Rai International Airport via an AirAsia flight from Thailand. Indonesian authorities were suspicious of his luggage upon passing the X-ray machine. After checking, airport security found four packages containing marijuana. The packages are labeled with “SUPERMAO” which means “super drunk” or “super high” in Thai.

“Based on his confession, he obtained these illicit goods by purchasing them in Thailand because he lived in Thailand before and they are for his own consumption. The suspect did not know that it is still forbidden in Indonesia to bring in marijuana,” Ngurah Rai Airport Police Drug Enforcement Unit Chief I Kadek Darmawan said.

The Brazilian man has been charged with importing and possession of Class I illegal narcotics, which includes marijuana, under Indonesia’s Narcotics Law. ASG may face up to 15 years in jail and must pay a fine of up to IDR10 billion (US$667,022).

Marijuana is still illegal in Indonesia despite talks among government officials to at least give a clean green go for medical purposes.

Back in Thailand, domestic travelers may carry marijuana inside the plane according to the Thai airport authority following its decriminalization. But traveling in or out of the country with any cannabis or hemp products is still illegal according to the health ministry.