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Congratulations to All Filipino Trail Runners Who Participated in the Tanaosri Trail Run 2021 and Chachaoengsao Marathon

Another successful trail run down the books for all the Filipino runners who participated in the Tanaosri Trail Run 2021 last Sunday, July 3, 2022.  The theme of the race is called “Impossible Possible.”  In other words, there is a lot of work preparation.

Tanaosri Trail Run is considered one of the most challenging trails in Thailand.  The Filipino runners participated in the 70k, 50k, and 10k categories.   Each category has its challenges. All categories have elevation challenges.  If you look at the elevation gain for all categories, you will discover that the highest peak is placed at the last stretch.  When you think you are almost finished, you have yet one more hurdle to overcome. This is what separates the boys from the men and the girls from the woman.

Having trained with them, I have asked how they handle the cramps and pain encountered during the race.  What I have taken out from them is it all comes down to mental strength.  No matter how much you train, it is a battle between mental strength and willpower to continue. Usually, what they do is keep running and hope that the cramps and pain wear off.  This is why you see in some racing clips some of the elite runners have fallen nearing the finish line because of the excruciating pain.

Among the runners, the following placed in the 50 and 70-kilometer runs.

50K Female Category

2nd Elvie Emma Catabay
3rd Early Leaño
4th Irish Pearl Tabaranza

50k Male Category

4th Job Masayon

70K Male Category

14th Ivan Macaso
15th Raymond Lopez

Ivan on the left and Mon on the right.

10K Chachaoengsao Marathon Best Costume

Helen Palatulan

Note: If I miss any names please let me know and I will gladly add them to the list.

In last year’s race Job placed second in the overall men’s category.  Due to severe cramps slowing him down near the end of the race, some runners were able to overtake overtook him causing him to fall back to fourth.  Irish, better known as Shine, placed second last year. Whether winning or losing, all the runners have mutual respect for those who have and have not finished.  The atmosphere of camaraderie has taken into effect.  From the top to the bottom racers cheer for each other to keep moving forward even if you have to crawl to the finish line.

This is what makes runners motivated no matter what skill they come from.  Over time, their skills will progress.  If it is your first time or you are contemplating joining, one skill anyone can work on is finding the photographer.  This skill is important because what you see on the internet can be there for a very long time.  If you master this skill and learn to pose, your photos will end up looking great on the internet.

What makes these runners different is that they give all the credit to God. Even though some of the runners come from different Christian backgrounds, before every race or training, they would always say a prayer for safety and protection. In the end, they always give thanks to God.

Special thank you to Irish Masayon for sharing some of the pictures you took during the run. If you haven’t tried her cooking, then you need to swing by their group. They usually have some leftovers. Her food is one of the secret weapons that fuel these runners.