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Community leaders in Pattaya step up to help OFWs affected by coronavirus

Filipino community leaders in Pattaya started distributing food packs to OFWs affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) on the weekend.

On Saturday, 20 families were given food packs by Lighthouse Church Pattaya. Distribution was led by Pastor Nick Dionisio along with FILCOM leader Gilbert Dong Juanim.

Another 25 families received food packs in Pattaya on Sunday from donations gathered by Juanim and other community leader Roma Amor.  

Community leaders in Thailand such as Juanim and Amor have taken initiative to help Filipinos affected by COVID-19 in their provinces.

“As of now, I can assure na walang magugutom dito within this week. Meron kaming nakalaan na budget para bukas (Monday)”, said Juanim.

The group gave 5kgs of rice, 10 sardines, 8 noodles, 1 bottle of oil, 8 eggs and 8 coffee packs.

For Filipinos affected by COVID-19 in Pattaya, you may contact Gilbert Dong Juanim (0946616285) or Roma Amor.

Pinoy teachers make eye protection PPE for school workers

A group of Filipino teachers at Satit Udomseuksa School in Pattaya also gave handmade eye protection PPE for their school guards and front office staff. 

This is their way of helping out and saying thank you Thailand, said Roma Amor.

Video & Photos: Gilbert Dong Juanim, Roma Amor