Provincial governments on high alert as cabinet considers total lockdown, 24-hour curfew

UPDATE FROM THAI ENQUIRER: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has since come out to say that there will be no 24-hour curfew and that the government must consider all measures.

Thailand’s Ministry of Interior released a memo late Sunday telling provincial governments to step up its readiness prompting speculation that a nationwide provincial lockdown and a 24-hour curfew may be around the corner, Thai Enquirer reported.

The memo, marked ‘urgent,’ told provincial governments to prepare local quarantine areas, store food, and necessities, prepare field hospitals and make sure locals understand the government measures.

It is understood by Thai Enquirer that the government is currently considering various lockdown measures as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the country.

The Prayut administration imposed a nationwide curfew starting last Friday from 10 pm – 4 am as well as closing the country’s air space from Thursday evening until Monday evening.

Among the suggested measures being deliberated by the cabinet is a total shut down of all provinces as well as a 24-hour curfew for a fortnight. In such a scenario, provincial governments will be responsible for supplying citizens with basic necessities, sources inside the ruling party said.

This article is taken from Thai Enquirer