driver tapes snack on his car
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Generous driver tapes snacks and face masks to his car for others to grab for free

While most private car owners do not want their cars to be scratched or left with sticky marks, this driver from the northern province of Chiang Rai does not mind at all. He taped snacks and face masks around his pickup car for people to take for free!

“Grab it for free!” is the handwritten sign behind his pickup car which was seen roaming around Chiang Rai, Thailand. It was captured on a video and was uploaded on Friday, September 16 by a Thai TikToker named Wetchayany.

His headline says “You are very kind! Chiang Rai is great!”, showing how blessed and grateful he is seeing such ingenuity of kindness along the streets of his province.

While the pickup is on stop waiting for the traffic light to turn green, two boys were seen in the video taking their chance of grabbing their shares, then headed to the driver to say thank you, and quickly went back to their motorbikes before the light turned green.

Netizens commended the driver for the simple and unique way of helping. His creativity also adds variety to the daily scenarios on the streets.

Here are some of the other reactions to the video:

“It’s such a good idea! I feel so happy watching this video.” “Look at the boy in the red shirt! He said thanks to the driver!”

“I saw this car today but didn’t dare to grab one ha ha”

“Happy for both giver and receivers”

Others added some fun comments such as “the glue must be very strong to keep the snacks steady that way”. But again, the driver does not mind the glue marks anyway.

The video can be watched here.