Eight venues in Bangkok to reopen on Friday

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said that lockdown restrictions for selected places and businesses are to be eased and certain measures will have to be observed by their operators as well as those who use their services, Thai PBS World reported.

In the capital, restrictions are expected to be eased for:

  • Restaurants and food shops: Though customers may dine in, the seating must be separated by at least 1.5 metres. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  • Flea and wet markets: All usual products can be sold.
  • Sports and exercise venues, including sports and youth centres: No contact sports will be permitted, only sports such as badminton, tennis and table tennis. Football, futsal, basketball, volleyball or softball are not allowed.
  • Barber’s shops, beauty salons: Only for hair cutting, washing and drying services. The shop must be disinfected every two hours and customers cannot wait their turn in the shop. Barbers and hair dressers must wear face masks and face shields.
  • Veterinarian clinics and shops providing hair cutting for pet dogs: Only one dog is permitted per customer and the venue must be disinfected every two hours.
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Golf courses and driving ranges.

Operators of these venues must deploy strict anti-viral precautions for their customers, such as temperature checks and soap or sanitizer for hand washing.  All customers and visitors must wear face masks and strictly observe social distancing, or face closure.

The Disease Control Committee of Bangkok will consider the BMA’s proposed list of places to be reopened, and related measures, at its meeting tomorrow and Governor Aswin said he will report to the CCSA once there is a decision from the committee.

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Photo: Guru Magazine