FAQs about Samui Plus reopening on July 15

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to provide information on the ‘Samui Plus’ programme for fully vaccinated international tourists visiting Ko Samui plus Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao between July and December 2021.


Eligible Travellers

  1. Tourists should come from a country/territory in the approved list and must have stayed there at least 21 days before departure, except those with residence in Thailand returning from a journey in those approved countries/territories.
  2. They must have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) or the World Health Organisation (WHO) for at least 14 days and have a valid Vaccine Certificate. In the case a traveller is regarded as a high COVID-19 risk due to proximity with an infected person during the trip or in Thailand, that traveller will be placed under the medical protocol as determined by the MoPH.
  3. Children under 18 are not required to be vaccinated if travelling with fully vaccinated parents/guardians.
  4. All travellers including children must have received a negative COVID-19 test by the RT-PCR method within 72 hours before the travel date.
  5. All travellers must have medical insurance with COVID-19 treatment coverage of at least US$100,000.
Countries and territories where travellers may enter Samui Plus

Applying for a COE

6. Travellers must submit the necessary documents and obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) at

The documents required for COE issuance are:

  • A valid passport with 6 months validity.
  • Vaccination Certificate.
  • COVID-19 health insurance with minimum coverage of US$100,000.
  • Air ticket.
  • Fully paid booking for the first 7 nights’ accommodation in a ‘Samui Extra Plus’ hotel and the remaining 7 nights in a ‘SHA Plus’ hotel (in case of staying less than 7 nights, this document must be for a ‘Samui Extra Plus’ accommodation only).
  • Proof of payment of COVID-19 testing; the number of tests depends on the intended duration of stay.

*Visa (if required).

Departure from Origin

7. Travellers must have confirmation of COE approval (a print-out copy).

8.  Travellers must get a COVID-19 test (RT-PCR) only 72 hours before departure with a negative result.

9. Travellers must stay in the designated area for at least 14 nights. If staying less than 14 nights, they must travel out of Thailand via a direct international flight or a dedicated flight by Bangkok Airways to connect with a direct international flight at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Transfer at Suvarnabhumi Airport

10. Arrival and disembarkation is at GATE E10 at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

11. Airline staff will escort passengers to the Health Control Checkpoint at Concourse F.

12. The Thailand Plus application must be installed.

13. Go through the Immigration process at the FAST-TRACK area.

14. Airline staff will escort passengers to the security checkpoint and wait at GATE D4.

15. Board at GATE D4 and take the bus to embark the Bangkok Airways aircraft at the Remote Parking Stand.

Arrival at Samui

16. Arrive at Samui Airport and disembark at GATE 5 (International Arrival).

17. The Mor Chana application must be installed and registration be done for the Samui Health Pass.     18.  Proceed through the Customs Clearance.

19.  Arrive at the ‘Samui Extra Plus’ hotel in the designated vehicle.

During the Stay

20. The RT-PCR test will be conducted according to the length of stay (on Day 0, Day 6-7 and 12-13).

  • DAY 0: WAITING: The first RT-PCR test will be conducted at the ‘Samui Extra Plus’ hotel, and the traveller must wait in their room for the result.
  • DAY 1-3 Chilling at the hotel: After receiving a negative test result, travellers can then relax and use services in the area that the ‘Samui Extra Plus’ hotel has allocated.
  • DAY 4-7 Sealed Route: Travellers can travel in districts of Samui according to the specified route and travel programme.
    • DAY 6 or 7: The second RT-PCR test will be conducted at the ‘Samui Extra Plus’ hotel.
  • DAY 8-14 Relaxation: Travellers must stay at a ‘SHA Plus’ hotel, and after receiving a negative test result, can travel within Samui, Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao with a follow-up with the specified IT system.
    • DAY 12 or 13, The third RT-PCR test will be conducted at the approved hospital.

21. Travellers must strictly follow the D-M-H-T-T-A measures: – Distancing, – Mask wearing, H- Handwashing, – Temperature check, – Testing for COVID-19, and – Alert application. Masks must be worn at all times in public areas; such as, hotels, swimming pools, beaches, etc., as well as in any vehicle with two or more people.

Before Departing

22. Travellers can go from Ko Samui, Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao to other provinces in Thailand as long as they provide proof of at least 14 nights stay, 3 RT-PCR test results, and evidence of disease control according to the destination’s regulations.   

* Remarks
Samui+ Model has 16 Standard Operation Procedures (SOP):
(1) Arrival
(2) Car & Van Transfers
(3) Hotel Arrival
(4) Full Quarantine
(5) Area Quarantine
(6) Sealed Beach
(7) Boat & Yacht
(8) Wellness
(9) Guide & Services
(10) Boat Transfer
(11) Port
(12) SHA+ Hotel
(13) Scuba Diving
(14) Restaurant
(15) Water Sports Activity
(16) Departure

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Source: TAT News