pinoy-thaiyo ice skating

Few Things In Life I Learned From Ice-Skating

I’ve always wanted to do ice-skating since rollerblading used to be my childhood hobby. It was never easy. Countless times I  stumbled and fell. From these experiences, I’ve learned few things in life while enjoying my own moments at the rink.

1. Always Stand Up When You Fall

If you want something done, don’t just sit and wait. Go get up and do something. There are people watching you and may laugh at you. There are also people who will encourage and help you up, but at the end it’s still up to you if you want to continue.


It’s totally normal, nobody gets it perfect the first time not even the world champion. Just because you fell, it doesn’t mean you should stop there. It only means that we could do better. That’s why you need to have determination. Ask yourself: “Am I determined enough?”

2. Let Go Of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve been circling the rink twice holding the rail bars and it didn’t do me any better than just – still holding the bars. Lol. At some point, I need to let go of it and skate my way around even if it means that  by letting go, I have to stumble and fall again.

Your comfort zone can hinder you from your growth. It’s not easy but sometimes you have to let go and explore outside your comfort zone. It’s the only way you can learn about something. The more you stick to your comfort zone, the more you isolate yourself from opportunities of becoming someone better than what you are today.

Sometimes we need to feel hardships, we need to feel pain, we need to be broken to be whole again. It’s a test of character that we come out a better person than what we used to be and we can only experience that outside our comfort zone.

3. Find Your Balance

When things mess up and everything seems to go wrong. STOP and FIND YOUR BALANCE. At one point, I find myself twirling and my blades are crazy like it’s going backward or at different direction. I could split. I just have to stop, stand firm and find my balance.

It happens in life, too where everything seems to go wrong and you don’t even know what to do. Sometimes you’d feel lost, but hey, just stop. Take a pause. Take a deep breath and find your balance. Pray, it will give you a sense of direction and again get up and take up where you left off.

4. Feel The Moment

I like the feel of cold ice blowing on my cheeks while skating. Enjoy what you’re doing. You may not be an expert but the fact that you’ve made it is worth celebrating, even in small ways. So enjoy it.

Moral Lesson: enjoy from where you are standing right now, it may  be your ranking, your job, or simply your lifestyle. You may not realize it but you are more fortunate compared to many others. Many people are willing to change places with you or do anything to get to where you are right now. Therefore you should consider yourself blessed and be grateful about it!

CONTENTMENT is the key, never let yourself be compared to others. Sometimes we are so busy watching all those exhibitions that we fail to enjoy our own moment at the rink.