pinoy-thaiyo moving on

Don’t Be Afraid To Start A New Affinity

Have you ever been loved and  wasted your time?
Have you ever been hurt though he made you smile?
Does he leave you when you need him the most? or
Do his friends get all of his time?

Have you ever thought finding another one?
The time is getting closer, now  is the time .
I never find a girl  who seems like crying out the door
I can’t see how  it becomes so wrong to care for you.

So don’t be afraid to start a new affinity
Just don’t let yourself  stuck with infinity
Just believe in reality, not in your fantasy
There’s a lot of possibility, ones is to be with me.

Just bear in mind, that I always stay by your side
Even if the stars in the sky would collide
So think that you are living in the paradise with me
And i’ll be here to make you feel alright.

How could you love someone who always make you cry?
How can i stop you from crying?  Let me wipe away your tears
Just don’t be afraid, I’ll be the one to kiss away your fears
I don’t want you to cry…  no more pain inside.

And if the world stops turning and if i say that i love you
Would you give me a chance to show it to you?
If your tears will fall to the ground, I will pick you up
And whenever you’re feeling out and  down.

Can you give me a chance to prove it to you?
I don’t want to see you crying anymore
Because of heartaches and miseries he caused.
Don’t you know that you take my heart away?