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FilCom gear up to meet the President

Various Filipino Community leaders and its members are all prepared and ready for the upcoming interaction with President Duterte on March 22, 2017 at the Royal Thai Navy Hall in Bangkok.

The Embassy in Bangkok has listed almost 34 various Filipino Communities throughout the Kingdom and many of them have registered and confirmed to join. In a group chat with some of the leaders, Ms Nelly Palpallatoc, President of OFW QuickServANTS United4DU30, says that many of her members even bought new clothes in order to comply to the strict dress code set by both the organizers and the venue. She continues that instead of having banners inside, which is prohibited, her group will provide flaglets for its group members. They have also prepared a couple of performances which will be shown during the pre-program.

For Ms. Sheila Navarro Luna, an OFW working for a Thai company, since the meeting falls on a working day, she has asked for a half day leave just to prepare and be at the venue.

Jane Cabaya, creator and admin of Kababayan at Kapamilya sa Thailand (KKT), a group dedicated in helping Pinoys in Thailand, expressed her eagerness to meet the president due to his strong-willed leadership. She continues on saying that improvements in the Philippines are visible especially at the airport, the transaction quality and less waiting time at government offices and even drug issues through the government’s campaign against illegal drugs are addressed. Cabaya hopes that the country continues to prosper so that OFWs can return home and work there. Cabaya’s group will also present a portfolio with current issues that suppress the overseas Filipino workers in the Kingdom.

A couple of Facebook users on PinoyThaiyo’s page expressed their excitement and disappointments as one user, Chanika Pratom says that she is excited for this gathering but could not join because she is far from Bangkok while one Charito Lanoria expressed enthusiasm in welcoming the president.