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Filipina student graduates with highest distinction in Thailand university

A Filipina student graduated with the highest distinction at Ramkhamhaeng University (RU) Institute of International Studies in Bangkok, March 19.

Nicole Louise Nicolas Poblete, 21, received a summa cum laude award in Mass Communication major in Radio and TV Broadcasting. Ramkhamhaeng University (RU) is the largest public university in Thailand with more than 430,000 students in the whole university system. Around 3,000 are enrolled in international programs.

“She is a wide-reader and a consistent honors student since elementary and high school. She also has a collection of books at home”, said Mr Aldrin Poblete, Nicole’s father in an interview with PinoyThaiyo.

Her family hails from Laoag, Ilocos Norte before residing in Thailand as missionaries. Mr Poblete is a senior pastor at Every Nation Church Bangkok. Like many Filipinos in Thailand, her mother is also a teacher and volunteer church worker.

Nicole has been living in Thailand for five years now. She has two younger brothers who are also studying in the kingdom. She also serves as praise and worship leader in their church.

Asked for her advice to other Filipino students in Thailand, Nicole has these words:

“The role of education is not simply to make us smart. God has gifted us with talents and abilities to be used, ultimately, for His plan; that is where education comes in, to hone our God-given skills to serve a purpose greater than ourselves. We all have different strengths, but when we commit our best to everything that we do, our responsibilities turn into passion. Any title we might receive afterward will come only secondary to knowing we are the best version of ourselves and that we have honored God and the people who have supported our journey.”