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Filipino in need of financial assistance for medical bills

A certain Josh Lertkunakorn on Facebook is in need of any financial assistance to cover his medical expenses after being admitted and treated for pleurisy, a medical condition where the chest and lung tissues are inflamed causing difficulty in breathing.

Josh was admitted at Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital on the first week of February due to pleurisy. But due to lack of sufficient rest, it has led to pneumonia. The post continues that he is now in the recovery period where he needs to increase the oxygen level in his blood before being discharged.

“Unfortunately, I already used up all my resources to cover majority of the bill. Gusto ko po sana humingi ng tulong in any way possible… Maliit man o malaki is greatly appreciated,” his post says.

If you wish to send any financial help to Josh, feel free to send it to the account name and number mentioned below.


Maria Georgina L. Chachange


Siam Commercial Bank