Free entrance to all national museums, historical parks till end of January 2017

All national museums and historical parks nationwide will be open for free for everyone including foreign nationals until the end of January 2017.

On Thursday last week, the Fine Arts Department said that there will be free access to museums such as the main Bangkok National Museum, Royal Elephant National Museum and National Museum of Royal Barges, reports Khaosod English.

Thailand has ten Historical Parks administered by the Thailand National Government through the Department of Fine Arts, a Division of the Ministry of Education. These are historical monuments of major significance in Thailand’s history and as such are also major tourist attractions, according to Discover Asia.

Below is the list of 10 Thailand Historical Parks.

  1.  Sukhothai Historical Park , Sukhothai Province.
  2.  Ayutthaya Historical Park , Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province.
  3.  Phanom Rung Historical Park , Buriram Province.
  4.  Sri Thep Historical Park , Phetchabun Province.
  5.  Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park, Phetburi Province.
  6.  Sri Satchanalai Historical Park , Sukhothai Province.
  7.  Phimai Historical Park , Nakhon Ratchasima Province.
  8.  Muang Sing Historical Park , Kanchanaburi Province.
  9.  Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park , Kamphaeng Phet Province.
  10.  Phu Phra Bat Historical Park , Udon Thani province.

Free entry at all sites excluding fees for vehicles, parking, bicycle rental and other costs.

photo: Thailand Wanderer