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Keep on forgetting things? Let Google Keep handle it!

You set the alarm clock, turn off or put your mobile phone in silent mode, lay down on the bed, then close your eyes. You’re good to sleep.

Suddenly great ideas pop in your mind. Important things you need to do in the next day keep flashing through your head.

Suddenly you have a break through with the magic word you’ve been thinking for a marketing logo. You remember that PIN for your not-so-used ATM. You remember to book a room for a family trip sooner. You have to buy that stuff before heading home. You need to bring home your extra toothbrush from your office drawer. You wish to call your mom overseas. You’re obliged to talk to a co-teacher for a collaborative lesson in a few days. You have in your mind that important question to include in your test for your class. You want to ask an email address from a friend. Your kids ask you to buy a small notebook. You promise yourself to buy your wife a flower, etc. It’s important that you do all these things in the next day.

You want to write these things down but too tired or sleepy to get that piece of paper. You’re lazy to turn on your tablet, laptop, or PC to jot things down. Whatever those things you need to be reminded of doing upon waking in the morning, chances are you will be too busy again to remember them one by one.

That’s where Google Keep comes in my way. With Google Keep, I can save my quick thoughts by merely speaking on my phone. Yes, you read it right. There’s no need to type the letters with your heavy and lazy eyes. There’s no need to press the ‘save’ button. Just speak and off you sleep.

Google Keep is a lightweight app to save your quick thoughts. It also works as a reminder.


Taking notes is fast and easy. Saving is on the fly as it uses your Google Drive, which also means that you can have universal access to your notes as you move from your computer at home to a laptop you use at work, or when you check your mobile phone.

You can also share your notes to anyone or include a collaborator. Suppose you’re heading to a grocery store and your wife asks you to buy stuffs for her. Add a note in your Google Keep and make her a collaborator so she can include her items to your grocery list. You will never miss things. You will be happy to be home and proud that you bought all her stuffs!

You can also include an image from a folder or from your mobile camera as you write your notes. Again, you are in the supermarket and asked to buy baby stuffs. You forget how it looks like. Solution? Press the camera icon in your Google Keep, take a photo, write “Mommy, is this it?”, then add her as collaborator. Problem solved.

Google Keep’s simplicity, speed, easy universal access, and its colorful boxes (notes) make me loving it! It’s been free for public use for 3 years now. All you need is a Google account to use it. That’s Gmail which probably you already have.

There are many more features of the app that you need to discover yourself. Download the app (Android | Apple), use it and it will change your life! That’s guaranteed!

Share to us in the comments how you use your Google Keep. 🙂