pinoythaiyo freebies for vaccinated

Got vaccinated? Get your freebies at Thai McDonald’s, Zen, Khiang, Tummour and many more!

More and more in the business sectors are giving freebies to encourage the public to get COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Thai McDonald’s has started giving away normal-sized french fries for those who got their first jab. The fast-food giant is targeting to give the fries to 50,000 vaccinated people across the kingdom. All they need to do is to show evidence at any store or drive-thru locations nationwide, except branches at airports, that they received at least their first vaccine.

Other businesses such as Zen, Aka, Din’s, On the Table, Khiang, and Tummour have also started giving perks to their vaccinated customers. Depending on the restaurant, free salad, soup, dim sum, takoyaki or rice dish are some of the freebies that customers may enjoy.


Class Cafe, with nearly two dozens of branches nationwide, also is giving free drinks at all their locations for those who have been inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine. A customer can simply show proof such as a vaccine certificate or a photo of them taking the jab to get a THB90 cold-pressed juice or other drinks of THB75 value.

As of writing, Thailand has vaccinated more than 2.2 million people. It is expected that mass vaccination will begin in June when Thai-owned Siam Bioscience will roll out the first 6 million locally-made AstraZeneca doses.