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Help for OFW mom who passed just days after her supposed flight

Kababayan Elizabeth Arit had been in Thailand for about 15 years. She lived in Songkla Province with her husband and now 9-year old daughter. Life was better despite choosing to settle and work far from the country’s capital. Aside from teaching, she was also active in the church.

Prior to her scheduled flight on September 14, kabayan Elizabeth or Beth had been very sick. She was suffering from liver cancer, and she also had breast cancer surgery two years ago. Just last April, she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer that caused her frequent vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, body pain and more.

All that physical pain and comorbidities she strongly braced just to be able to go home in the Philippines. She hailed from Torrijos, Marinduque but was residing in Tanauan City, Batangas, her husband’s hometown.

The supposed flight was scheduled on September 14. However, a day before the flight while they were preparing for their domestic flight to Bangkok, the hospital where they had their RT-PCR test called and told them there was a problem with the result.

Her husband tested positive and the rest of the family needed to be quarantined. A negative RT-PCR test taken 48 hours within the flight is a requirement for Bayanihan flights from Bangkok to Manila.

Their flight was rebooked for free on October 6, presumably after completing their 14-day recuperation and quarantine. The family needed to go home soon because they are settling in the Philippines for good and their visas are expiring. She seemed strong and vibrant in all her communications with PinoyThaiyo GO. There was no sign of illness at all as she booked their tickets going home. Maybe she was just really excited to finally come home.

Then on Friday, the sad news came. Kabayan Beth passed away without the presence of the family she wished to see in the Philippines and her beloved husband beside her who has been in quarantine until this time.

“We are deeply pained and broken at this moment as humans to see our beloved sister Beth left us and her beloved. Could hardly hold back tears as I update now. It’s hard and almost impossible to find comfort and solace in our human strength,” shared one of her church leaders in Songkla.

The family needs help.

Kabayan Beth was in and out of the hospital in the last three years. Your financial assistance and prayers are very much appreciated.

Edwin Aala Arit (husband)

Krungthai (KTB)

923 0 47957 8

Thank you and God bless.