Honest cabbie returns almost 100,000THB to tourist

A good deed definitely goes a long way as a Suvarnabhumi cab driver returned cash worth almost 100,000THB to a Myanmar tourist last Monday, only to find out that the money was intentionally going to be used for the wife of the tourist’s cancer treatment.

Charin Sinsiri found 2 red purses containing money, all in different currencies; 2,500USD, 100GBP and 275,000MMK on Sunday. Charin assumed that the purses belonged to 4 Myanmar tourists who took his cab to Sukhumvit Soi 1, so he drove back to the drop-off point, he recalled talking to police. The cab driver was searching for the tourists when he received a phone call from the 4, who had his number through the taxi kiosk ticket service, and both parties agreed to meet Monday morning.

An undisclosed sum was handed to Charin by Waw Lay, one of the tourists, as a token for his honesty in returning the lost money and then the cabbie  thanked him. The tourist said that the amount left in Charin’s cab was going to be used for his wife’s medical expenses. The wife is suffering from stage 4 cancer.

Suvarnabhumi Police advised tourists and locals alike to always keep their taxi stubs as most forgotten items, including money, are most of the time returned to its rightful owners. Airports of Thailand has a 24-hour hotline, 1722, where passengers can report missing items.

Sources: Coconuts, Bangkok Post