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How to send money through DeeMoney using your phone

Are you busy? Or probably just trying to save some money? With DeeMoney App, you can send money to your bank in the Philippines anytime of the day and anywhere in Thailand using your mobile phone for only 125 baht.

Next Working Day Credit Guaranteed to the Philippines with a flat fee of 125 THB until 30th of April. Learn more at: deemoney.com/deenext

Here are easy steps on how you can send money to the Philippines using DeeMoney mobile application.

1. Go to Google play or App Store and download DeeMoney App if you have not till now

2. Go to your DeeMoney App

3. Touch ID for DeeMoney or use your 6-digit PIN

4. Go to “Send Money” feature in your App

5. Click “Add New Recipient” (If already have the list of “recipients”, just select the recipient)

  1. Select “Philippines”
  2. Select “Account Credit” for the payment mode

6. After which, put in the recipient’s “Bank Details” such as the following:

  1. Bank
  2. Branch
  3. Account Number
  4. Name
  5. Mobile
  6. Address (billing address of the account holder)

7. Select “Send Money”

8. “Review Payment” will pop up on the screen, press next.

9. Select payment options

  1. Direct to Bank (link your DeeMoney Account to your bank takes 1-2 days. Confirmation will be sent by your bank)
  2. K-Plus
  3. QR Code Payment

10. After selecting the payment mode, follow the prompt and  then go to your bank’s mobile application to continue the payment process.