Huge Fireball Falls in Thailand

A huge fireball believed to be a meteorite or a space debris was seen by many in broad daylight in Bangkok on Monday during morning rush hour.

The unusual sight became the talk of the day. Photos and videos of it spread online.

The fireball looks similar to the one seen in Russia in 2013. Those who have seen the fireball in Bangkok did not hear any explosion. However, residents at the Si Sawat District of Kanchanaburi Province also reported the sighting but this time with a thunderous explosion. Si Sawat District is about 200 kilometers away from Bangkok.

Rescue team is on its way to locate the exact vicinity of the explosion. At first many thought that it was an aircraft accident, but Aeronautical Radio of Thailand later confirmed that there is no aircraft accident and said it could possibly be a meteorite.

Sources: Porjai Jaturongkhakun, Mesapong Poojeenapun, Thai PBS