The #AlDUb Phenomenon: The Love That Won’t Give Up


The #AlDUb Phenomenon: The Love That Won’t Give Up

What was an accident shot of the now famous Yayadub (Maine Mendoza) getting all giddy upon seeing the dimpled Alden Richards is now a national phenomenon.

The love team that paralyzes most workforces when it airs is as shocked at the success and the popularity they are receiving now.

The first ever ‘kalyeserye’ in Eat Bulaga’s All for Juan, One for All Problem Solving segment is sweeping the feet of people from all walks of life: from yaya’s, the stay at home moms and dads, to office-based professionals, to many men and women working as OFWs, you name it and #AlDUb has seemed to have captured their hearts and attention.

What makes this simple pairing a huge success?

Simple and dimple. I think Filipinos are suckers for underdogs and fairytales. So whoever thought of pairing the handsome lad and the simple, yet undeniably charming young lady, really hits big this time.

Their success, leading social media trends, has recently been reported to have surpassed the 2.6 million tweets on August 29. Eat Bulaga is once again able to enjoy top spot in the noon time slot, thanks to the #AlDub phenomenon and the uncanny and hilarious pairings of Paolo Ballesteros, Jose Manalo, and Wally Bayola.

Their sweet exchange of words written in paper is not just a hit locally, they are now famous worldwide, thanks to the help of social media.

The plot thickens.

After two of Lola Nidora’s twin sisters surface, it was revealed that a new sister will appear soon, and with this appearance comes new secrets to unfold.
Earlier, Lola Tinidora said that she is not Yayadub’s real mother and that the identity of the latter will be revealed very soon.
Viewers are drawn to the show not solely because of Alden and Yayadub’s love story, but also because of the twists and turns that their story and the other characters in the kalyeserye offer.

The real from reel.

I guess what really excites people is the observation that the television romance between Alden and Maine is slowly spewing into real life. This gives everyone hope that a simple girl can definitely find her true prince despite her status in life.
Alden is sometimes caught writing Maine’s name instead of Yayadub’s, and although he is momentarily out of character, the audience laps this up and gets to enjoy the “kilig moments” even more.

The unstoppable ‘kalyeserye’ does not have any plans of slowing down or stopping as of the moment, not when the energy is high and the love is palpable.
Everybody, in and out of the Philippines, is not going anywhere, not until their happy ending is served.


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