saving water songkran 2016
Buhay OFW

It’s Official: Songkran Festival shortened to save water

As Thailand has been experiencing extreme water shortage for two decades, BMA has decided to shorten the Songkran festival from four to only three days in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has declared that the upcoming Songkran celebration will only last for three days this year hoping to save water during drought occurrences.

According to Deputy Governor Amorn Kijchawengkul, as the famous Thai New Year is held on April 12-14, 2016 throughout the city, water fights will only be permitted till 9 pm only. He also said that CentralWorld has already agreed to cooperate with the rules and will stop providing water refill stations, so people need to bring their own water from home.

Whereas the Songkran typically lasts till late at night in areas particularly in Silom and Khao San Roads, every district has already been given directives to announce the new policy to the public.

Bangkok expects to save approximately 5 billion liters of water by cutting one day from the usual 4-day celebration this year.