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LOOK: KFC Cebu opens job opportunities for senior citizens!

Based on a Facebook post, KFC is now accepting senior citizens as part of their working force.

The job posting is not only for one franchise somewhere but for various KFC stores in known malls and landmarks in Cebu City, Philippines.

Once accepted, it looks like elderly crews will have to work for only 1-2 hours during lunch or dinner with “above the daily hourly rate” as salary. Well, that’s just a surface reading of the ad. Hopefully, it is as we understand it.

This is a welcome opportunity for our seniors who still want to earn even already past the mostly required age requirements. Many seniors still want to work especially if they know that the income from their breadwinner is still not enough.

Some are not aiming for the money, they just want to do ‘something worthy’ even though they are already receiving pensions.

People age 60 and above are considered senior citizens in the Philippines. An SSS member is eligible to receive pension when he or she reaches that age.

In Thailand and many neighboring countries, senior citizens can be seen working along with younger crews in many known fast-food stores. They are usually in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the store.

Here’s a reaction from a netizen, Paul Cokalorum:

“Bless you, KFC. As a working senior let me tell you that contrary to recruiters’ fears that we will be resistant to instructions from younger supervisors, it is, in fact, the other way around. Older hires have a better work ethics than young newbies who are sometimes easily discouraged at the slightest difficulty, plus we are more loyal knowing job opportunities or us are rare in this country.”

Here are the details of the Facebook post in case you are also interested:



• If you are willing to work 1-2 hours per day

• If you are free during lunch or dinner

• If you are willing to earn above the daily hourly rate

• Send applications thru the QR Code below and email resume to hr.parttimejobs@foodgroup.ph

Malou Mansueba via job Hiring Cebu 2022 (FB group)

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