Meet Trash Dove: The purple bird that never sleeps

Syd Weiler’s sticker set that debuted towards the end of January 2017 was such a big hit not only to Thai users as it was trending worldwide and was featured in “Know Your Meme” and other international sites for certain reasons that no one can properly explain.

This purple head-banging bird was the subject of a Facebook video of sudlokomteen where this bird was featured with another sticker of a cat. The meme which was posted last February 7 has already garnered 4.8 million views, not only from Thai netizens. Another set of Facebook stickers was also released by the same artist to thank Thai users. This time, Trash Dove was holding the Thai flag with its foot, to which Thai users were quick to notice.  Since Thais believe that feet are dirty and would be impolite if “used”, she later replaced the said sticker with a cuter version of the purple dove wearing rain boots and biting the flag between her beak and a “thank you” message.

Aside from the banging bird, Trash Dove has also other stickers found on this set which includes holding a pizza, eating bread, chilling on a martini glass and even using a mobile phone.

Source: The Verge