pinoythaiyo jet fuel surcharges

More expensive airfare to be expected beginning July due to fuel surcharges

Manila, PHILIPPINES. Due to the rise of jet fuel prices in the world market, airline passengers are advised to expect higher airfares beginning July 1. This covers both domestic and international flights originating from the Philippines.

The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) announced that the surcharges may range from Php355 to Php1,038.

On a virtual public briefing, CAB Hearing Examiners Division Chief Atty. Blem Moro said that a plane trip from Manila to Cebu, for example, will have a surcharge of Php706.

“Many airlines, especially our local airlines, have applied surcharges, including Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines, as well as foreign carriers,” Atty. Moro said.

Moro added that CAB revised its fuel surcharge matrix for July and may reach Level 11 from the current Level 7. This means that under Level 11, airlines are allowed to add a fuel surcharge from Php355 to Php1,038 per passenger for a one-way domestic flight and from Php117 to Php8,1714.84 for international flights coming from the Philippines.

Moro, however, clarified that there is no hike on base fares yet and airlines are still offering their respective promotional and cheap fares to entice more travelers.