MRT Blue Line train fare hiked to maximum THB43 starting July 3

Cabinet meeting on Tuesday has approved a motion to increase the fare of MRT train in Chaloem Ratchamongkhon route, also known as Blue Line, to starting at 17 baht and capped at 43 baht from July 3 onward, a news source revealed.

The move was proposed by Ministry of Transport as the concession contract with the operator Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA) stipulated that fare must be revised every two years based on Ministry of Commerce’s current consumer price index, whereas the current fare is due to revision on July 2.

The new fare is hiking from the original fare by 1 baht at the 6th, 9th, 11th and 12th stations. Therefore, from next Sunday the fare for traveling six stations on Blue Line will increase from 28 to 29 baht, nine stations from 35 to 36 baht, 11 stations from 40 to 41 baht, and 12 stations and over from 42 to 43 baht.

The new fare will also be in effect for two years.

MRT Blue Line has a total length of 48 km. and 38 stations, starting at Tha Phra station in Bangkok Yai subdistrict and terminating at Lak Song station in Bang Khae.

Source: The Nation