PinoyThaiyo nurse transfer money to herself from covid patient 2
Screenshot from PPTV 36.
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Nurse transfers money to her account from a dying Covid-19 patient

Here’s a despicable real-life story that somehow we all need to be aware of especially if we have a relative Covid-19 patient alone in the hospital.

Three withdrawals had been made from the bank account of a dying Covid-19 patient to the attending nurse’s savings account according to a Facebook post by Yossavee Dacruz which is also reported by PPTV 36.

Mr. Dacruz, the son-in-law of the Covid-19 patient, discovered the money transfers after his father-in-law died.

Dacruz claimed that his father had 5,000 baht in his savings account before he was admitted to the private hospital. After the father died, only 1,500 baht was left.

Screenshot from PPTV 36.

Two transfers of 1,000 baht each were wired to a certain Miss Suthamas account on August 26th and 27th, and another 1,500 baht to a separate account.

The patient was in a coma on the hospital bed since August 23rd. A video call was arranged on August 26th using the patient’s phone so that family members could say their last words. There was no mention of a money transfer during the call.

Mr. Dacruz suspected that the video call was made possible by scanning the patient’s finger which is needed to open the phone, as well as to proceed with the money transfer.

A complaint was already sent to the private hospital who then promised to fire the nurse. The family also filed a complaint to the police.

What can you do to avoid this if your family is in similar situation?

Source: pptvhd36