October 2 Thailand smog update: Gov’t to provide air filters to schools as city haze worsens

The Ministry of Education will deliver the first batch of air purifiers to 37 state schools in Bangkok and its vicinity within next two weeks, as part of the government’s latest bid to combat the rising levels of ultra-fine PM2.5 pollutants blanketing the city, Bangkok Post reported.

“Luckily, most schools are now on a break, so [the haze] impact is quite limited. However, this situation is likely to return when the winter comes, so we need to prepare measures in advance,” said Kraiserm Tohtubtiang, secretary to the Education Minister in a press briefing.

The ministry has ordered the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (Ovec) to produce 10,000 low-cost air purifiers and distribute them to schools in dust-vulnerable areas, the report added.

The air purifiers, which cost up to 2,000 baht per unit, come in three types — a water-based unit, a unit with a PM2.5 filter inside, and air purifier for cars.

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