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OFWs in Dubai succumb to death after fatal crash

A devastating turn of events reached the families of 6 OFWs as 4 were pronounced dead on site, while the other 2 are in critical condition, as a high-speeding SUV slammed the car of these OFWs, Good Friday, April 14.

Driver Veronica Dulay, 39, together with passengers Lord Christian Elli, 29, Daniel Paulo Paulino Paraiso, 31, Marvin Mendoza, 28, Mary Ann Mendoza, 30 and Anna Paula, were at Al Shahama Highway en route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi’s St. Joseph’s Church on Good Friday to observe “Bisita Iglesia.

Citing the report by the Filipino Times, the vehicle the victims rode was a rented Pajero that stalled in the middle of the freeway. Driver Veronica Dulay, Elli, Paraiso and Mendoza stepped out of the vehicle to check the problem. At that point, a speeding SUV slammed their vehicle.

The 4 were proclaimed dead on the spot and were taken to Khalifa Hospital morgue in Abu Dhabi while Mary Ann Mendoza and Anna Paula, who are both in critical condition, were taken to Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The investigating police did not give further details as investigation is ongoing.

Source: Filipino Time