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PALPAL Friendship spreads love, compassion in times of difficulty

Created just over a week ago, a Facebook page “PALPAL FRIENDSHIP” has been successfully gathering and providing assistance to Filipinos affected by COVID-19 pandemic. 

Just an hour after the page was created, the group was able to gather 13,500 Baht donations from page founders, OFWs Rolando Emilio Socrorro and Sheila “Ella” Panahon, and their friends. Socrorro is the former Vice President of Filipino Teachers Association Nonthaburi and is now residing in Nakhon Pathom while Panahon is based in Chiang Mai.

The two then tapped another OFW Michael Garcia who created the page and since then he has been managing the page. A number of people, Filipinos, other expats and Thai locals have been actively distributing food packs to both Filipinos and Thais.

As of April 22, PALPAL FRIENDSHIP has already distributed food packs to 130 people in Chiangmai, Lampang, Lamphun, Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Samutsakorn, Samphran and Pathumthani. They have already collected 42,700 baht in 10 days.

Kudos to all the people behind the page for spreading love, compassion and generosity in times of difficulty.

To support their cause, you may contact PALPAL FRIENDSHIP Facebook page.