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Pattaya police: Tourists driving motorcycle without license to face jail time

Pattaya police have began checking on tourists who rent motorcycles without a licence. Tourists found driving a license will face a month in jail or a 1,000 baht fine, ThaiVisa reports.

Rental shops are also on the radar with fines up to 2,000 baht for anyone who rents to tourists who don’t show a license, the report added.

Pol Maj Arut Sathanon said he was following orders handed down from the RTP HQ that were being taken seriously by the new Pattaya chief Pol Col Prawit Chorseng. 

Patrols could be expected every night and shops were being inspected.

Pol Maj Arut said that all tourists must be in possession of an international driving license (or other legal permit) to rent and ride a motorcycle at the resort.

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Photos: STVPattaya