Picture of tourist sitting on Buddha’s lap draws flak among Thais

Thai social media went abuzz after a picture of an unidentified tourist was uploaded online, specifically on Facebook, where a woman is shown sitting on the lap of a Buddha statue in Wat Yai Chai Mongkol.


The woman, believed to have Asian descent, has received backlash online. Netizens are also calling on the authorities to step in and track her down in order to receive appropriate sanction.


In The Nation article, the post was uploaded by Nopporn Chompirom. Nopporn said that his friend, the person who took the photo, was on an upper level when he spotted the tourist posing for the picture.


According to Wat Yai Chai Mongkol deputy abbot Phrakru Sirichai Mongkol, there were only few temple officials to ensure that tourists behave properly.


Director Sukanya Baonerd of the Ayutthaya Historical Park Officer was disturbed upon seeing the photo and said a complaint would be filed to the police. Director Sukanya said that her office would instruct tour guides to control foreign visitors better when visiting these kinds of sites.


In November last year, an American duo were arrested and detained for posing butt nude in front of Wat Arun.


Sources: The Nation, Telegraph UK