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Pinoy in Bangkok shares experience of friend who got offloaded in NAIA 2

A concerned Filipino in Bangkok has shared how his friend got offloaded at Ninoy Aquino International (NAIA) Airport Terminal 2. He also shared a photo of the new requirements from the  Immigration officer which Filipino tourists leaving the country need to comply.

Below is the photo and complete message sent on April 12.

“Hi Admin, I would like to share some incidents that happened yesterday at NAIA T2 as my friend was offloaded via PAL bound to Bkk. There is new regulations from Phil. Immigration for tourist who has sponsor from his destination and it has to comply per the given slip by the immigration officer. Many other passengers were also offloaded yesterday. I find it too complicated to meet the new requirements and this will certainly cause stress and disappointment. I wish that you could spread this news so others won’t have to experience the hassles. Thank you for sharing”

Although he admitted that he wasn’t able to authenticate or to secure a red ribbon for his documents from the Philippines, the concerned pinoy said that he has long been inviting his friends to Thailand and it never became a problem. So he is advising others who have plans of inviting their relatives and friends to comply with the Immigration requirements to avoid any problems.

What is your take on this new set of requirements? Comment below and be heard.