Royal Gazette announces Phuket Sandbox beginning July 1

Now officially announced in the Royal Gazette, a whopping full day before the start of Thailand’s reopening plans, here is the list of who will be able to travel to Thailand. You will need to be fully vaccinated, that’s the key point, and rather than quarantining in a hotel room for 14 days, your ‘quarantine’ is now the huge tropical island of Phuket where the early adopters will be able to fully navigate after their arrival PCR test returns a negative result.

The other two hiccups that emerged yesterday were that Embassies require receipts of pre-payment for the 3 PCR tests you will have in Phuket as part of the Certificate of Entry paperwork. It also emerged yesterday that bookings for accommodation must be made and pre-paid through the SHA+ website HERE. This has caused a few delays for prospective travellers that had earlier booked their accommodation through an OTA.

This is the information posted on the website of the Thai embassy in Israel…

Travelling to Phuket for the Sandbox starting tomorrow, July 1 | News by Thaiger

Under the “Phuket Sandbox” travel model, travellers not only need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to be eligible to enter Thailand under the scheme, but they also need to be travelling from countries classified by Thailand’s Department of Disease Control as a low to medium risk for Covid-19.

The DDC posts a new list on the 1st and 16th of every month. The information is mostly in Thai. Click HERE to go to the DDC website. Here’s the latest list of low, medium and high risk countries as published by the government’s NBT…

Travelling to Phuket for the Sandbox starting tomorrow, July 1 | News by Thaiger

While these infographics are far from exhaustive in regards to information, they provide a quick outline for people that are interested in returning to Thailand at this time. The Thaiger recommends travellers should go to the website of their Local Thai Embassy and read all the conditions before making any bookings. They should also consider any return restrictions to their home country following their trip to Thailand.

This infographic also includes entry information for people arriving domestically, by air, sea or road.

Travelling to Phuket for the Sandbox starting tomorrow, July 1 | News by Thaiger

HERE‘s a link to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Sandbox website which includes a more detailed list of requirements.

Source: The Thaiger