Safari World Bangkok
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Safari World: A Fantastic Encounter for Animal Lovers

Welcome to Safari World- Thailand’s biggest ‘open zoo’ and leisure park! Safari World is an exciting mix of fantastic entertainment for all ages!

Experience an exhilarating safari drive throughout the fascinating African-like wilderness, a nerve-wracking action stunt spectacle, and so much more surprises designed especially for young children (as well as the not so young).This is a once in a lifetime encounter to mingle with friendly dolphins, giraffe and monkeys, and bring out the child-like spirit in you.

As you depart your way from Safari World, you’ll discover that it’s actually a picturesque drive-in zoological park impressively divided into two parts.

The first part is the Safari Park which is an open zoo jampacked with wild animals. Take a bus tour through an ‘oasis of animals’ living separately in various habitats.

You can also happily explore the second part which is the Marine Park wherein lots of trained marine animals are on display like seals and dolphins.

So what is in store for you when you discover the wonders of Safari World?

Thailand Orangutan Show

Orangutan Boxing Show. These extremely entertaining orangutans will tickle your funny bones with their wacky sense of humor and amusing math skills. It’s an endless surprising fun when you experience the Orangutan Boxing Show. Now, starring your hairiest Olympic champs, you get to enjoy bonding moments with them whether they’re hanging upside-down, dishing out various tricks, or gleefully playing at the swing bars.

Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show

Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show. If you’re in the mood for some Wild Wild West spirit, then the Safari World’s Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show is perfect for you! Brace yourself for an action-packed adventure where you see stuntmen perform as cowboys and bandits unleashing their gunfights and bullwhips right before your very eyes!

Jungle Cruise - Safari World

Jungle Cruise. Get into the excitement of the tropical jungle with lurking vicious gorillas and ravenous crocodiles. It’s going to be an adrenaline-charged wild ride and time to face your fears when you embark on a water flume ride and explore uncharted territories with this daring adventure. Be ready to scream your heart out!

Dolphin Show - Safari World

Dolphin Show. Be amazed when the smartest of all marine creatures bedazzle you with their playful presence. Prepare to be mesmerized by their enjoyable performances of different tricks to entertain you! If you want, these friendly and sociable dolphins may shake your hand or kiss you. Aside from that, they will wow you with their spectacular skills such as singing in chorus and somersaulting in mid-air. Their gracefulness will leave you breathless!

Despite being so close to a large and populous city, it’s the exotic wilderness of Safari World which gives unexpected thrills to all its visitors; it remains to be a top favorite for tourists, families and children to experience wildlife at its best.