AFP/Bangkok Metropolitan Administration photo

Some schools in Rayong closed starting Tuesday over COVID-19 Egyptian soldier

Six municipal schools and two nurseries in Thailand’s eastern province of Rayong are to be closed starting July 14, Tuesday until further notice as a precautionary measure, after members of an Egyptian military delegation visited a mall and other venues in the province last week.

The students, except children at nurseries, will learn through online platforms.

One of the soldiers was found to be infected with COVID-19 and it is not known yet whether he was among the group who ventured out of their hotel, to go shopping and sightseeing, during their brief stay in Rayong.

The Taksin Rayong College of Technology also announced its closure from tomorrow until Friday for the same reason.

Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutaecha, meanwhile, pleaded with residents of Rayong province to have faith that medical personnel will be able to contain any possible spread of the disease.

He said authorities concerned, including the military and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, have been investigating how the Egyptian military delegation was able to venture out of their hotel without supervision by local authorities.

This article is taken from Thai PBS World