Seven conditions for foreign arrivals without quarantine in Thailand

From November 1, foreign tourists arriving in Thailand, without being required to enter quarantine, must meet seven conditions, according to the Bureau of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Promotion of the Disease Control Department, on Wednesday.

Foreign arrivals must:

  1. Come from countries specified by the Thai Public Health Ministry as being low risk and arrive by air.
  2. Have certificates to confirm that they have received two doses of a recognised COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Have negative COVID-19 results from RT-PCR tests conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival in Thailand.
  4. Have a minimum of US$50,000 health insurance coverage.
  5. Have written/electronic confirmation of hotel bookings in Thailand.
  6. Download and install a specified app upon arrival at the airport and undergo RT-PCR tests within 24 hours of arrival.
  7. Have negative test results before travelling domestically without quarantine.

The government’s policy of reopening the country to foreign travellers is based on three models.

The first is that arriving tourists, who are not fully inoculated, will be required to be isolated for 7 to 14 days depending on the case. The second is the “sandbox” model, which will be on trial in 17 provinces and the third is no quarantine for tourists who meet the seven conditions set by the Thai government.

Although foreigners can enter Thailand with the fewest possible restrictions, the government attaches importance to the safety of the Thai people and the country’s health system, which must be capable with coping with the new challenge, said the department.

Source: Thai PBS World