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Spotted: Team Farang Freerunning At Bangkok’s Famous “Ghost Tower”

If you’ve been to Bangkok or currently living in Bangkok you must have heard of the famous Lebua State Tower. This is where one of the scenes in The Hangover II movie took place.

Just the opposite of it is another tower with almost similar architecture but has no occupants for about 30 years now. Actually, nobody stays there for good since its construction in the 1990’s. The building’s name is Sathorn Unique Tower but local community prefers to call it as the “Ghost Tower”. They said it is haunted. Indeed, it gives an eerie feel even when looking at it from afar.

lebua state tower sapan taksin bts ghost tower
Lebua State Tower (left). Sapan Taksin BTS station (middle), and the Ghost Tower (far right).

Recently, two guys identified themselves as “Team Farang” successfully conquered this abandoned tower from bottom to top. What amazing is that they did it in a freerunner’s way. What’s freerunning? The images might give a clue.

pinoy-thaiyo-freerunning-ghost-tower pinoy-thaiyo-freerunning-ghost-tower

If the images didn’t help, then watch their video.

Here’s the Google Map coordinates for those who want to visit the place: 13.721214, 100.510917. But the building is private and ‘guarded’. You can ask permission from whoever is guarding that day, or you can sneak in. Either way, you are on your own once inside.

So how do you feel after watching the video? 🙂