SRT offers 30-trip discounted card for Dark Red Line commuters

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT)​ has launched a new 30-trip monthly card to help relieve the burden of passengers amid the current economic situation, in keeping with the policy of the Minister of Transport.

The 30-trip monthly pass is priced at 750 baht, excluding the 50-baht price of the card. It will average 25 baht per trip for people travelling between Rangsit and Taling Chan, a distance of 41 kilometres, saving up to only 0.60 baht per km on the Dark Red Line. Non-regular customers without this card have to pay 42 baht per trip for the same distance, the SRT said.

The Bang Sue – Rangsit train has an average of 10,000 passengers per day, which is at a satisfactory level.

Meanwhile, the frequency of trains from Bang Sue to Taling Chan was recently reduced from 20 minutes to 30 minutes from February​ 9 because the section averages only 900 passengers per day, the SRT said.

Source: The Nation