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Thai cabinet approves temporary lifting of TM6 for foreign visitors

The Thai government will temporarily stop the need for foreign visitors to fill out the TM6 forms in the hope of easing congestion on international airports in Thailand as number of arrivals is now on the rise.

TM6 immigration form has the arrival and departure information of an international traveler coming to Thailand. The visitor will have to fill the form out with his name, birthday, passport number, date of arrival, and flight number among other things before giving it to the immigration officer. A portion of this form with the heading “Departure Card” will be given back to the visitor and should be kept all throughout the stay in Thailand. Upon departure, this part of the TM6 needs to be given back to the immigration officials.

Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha told in a cabinet meeting that the proposed plan would lessen the time for foreign visitors to remain in the airport upon arrival, and thus alleviating the congestion. After all, visitors had already fill out many forms along the travel. The cabinet approved the matter accordingly.

After implementing the temporary suspension of TM6, authorities should conduct evaluation to check for revision and improvements.

The Interior Miinistry is expected to formally announce the matter to the public with its proper implementation and conduct within the week. For the meantime, foreign travelers entering Thailand by land or sea are still required to fill in and submit the TM6 according to Deputy government spokeswoman Traisuree Taisaranakul.

The plan will save the government around 45.5 million baht per year in printing cost, she added.