Thai Police advise officials to monitor fake call center scammers

The Royal Thai Police have advised government officials to thoroughly verify the identities of those requesting information from them, as such requests could be coming from fake call center scammers.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Pol Colonel Siriwat Deepor said scammers could pose as public prosecutors, judges or officials from the National Anti-Corruption Commission or other government agencies.

According to Pol Colonel Siriwat, scammers will sometimes contact local administrations and private organizations to obtain information about their targets. He added that these perpetrators will often claim they need personal information about specific individuals in order to obtain arrest warrants. Occasionally, they will call to verify the names of residents of a household or employees of a business.

In some cases, officials would even be duped into communicating with the targets in order to establish trust.

According to Pol Colonel Siriwat, some scammers even attempt to deceive police officers in order to assist them in contacting their targets.

The Royal Thai Police have urged local administrations, government agencies and private firms to always verify the names of their callers and their positions. They should also insist on proof of identification or official letters requesting their cooperation in order to avoid being deceived.

Source: NNT