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Thai students with their Filipino coaches win at Mathematics Olympiad in Hong Kong

Six Thai students from Satit Udomseuksa School in Chonburi won at the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad 2019 on August 30 – September 1 in Hong Kong. All their coaches are Filipino mathematics teachers at their school.

Over 19 countries participated in the competition, including the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Australia, and Indonesia, who made it to the HKIMO 2019 Final. Thailand participants brought home a total of 179 awards. All 6 Satit Udomseuksa School students were able to bring home medals, generating pride and honor for the school and the country, reported Pattaya Mail.

The Pattaya-based magazine also congratulated the Filipino coaches on its news.

“This is our first time to join in the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad 2019. There were 6 students from our school who qualified for the final round in Hong Kong. All the coaches and teachers of these students in Mathematics are Filipino”, said Mae Amor Flores, one of the coaches.

These are the name of the Filipino coaches who joined their students in Hong Kong.

Christy Marie Laserna
Mae Amor Flores
Patrick Jason Velasco
Matthew Merca

Here are the list of the students and their awards

SILVER MEDAL Kindergarten Level
Thanaphat Lanthong 
Janista Guiseng
Lian Von Atiu Engbino (Filipino) 

Dhanuphum Saepoh

Buniki Mahasab

Bronze Medal Primary 5
Stephan Meyer

One of the participants, Lian Von  Atiu Engbino, is Filipino. His mother is teaching English at his school (Satit Udomseuksa School) while his father is an engineer.

Congratulations to Filipino coaches and their students for winning at Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad 2019.

Photos: Roma Amor