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Thailand Ministry of Education adheres to call against unlicensed teachers

Education Minister Dr Teerakiat Jareonsettasin adheres to stiffen the requirements for teaching positions in Thailand after receiving intense pressures from teachers and teacher-training institutions about hiring unqualified and unlicensed teaching personnels.

“Given that they think the original plan for the new rule might not be fair to their students who are in five-year undergraduate programmes, we have agreed to adjust it.” This is in relation to the ministry’s earlier statement of allowing non-licensed teachers to teach in order to cater to the shortage of teachers in the kingdom.

We have listened to the voice of teacher-producing institutes.”

The drafted rule takes effect on Wednesday, but will have certain restrictions.

This initiative has raised intense pressure from teacher and academic institutions in order to encourage various fields of specialization into the teaching profession.

No word has been set if this applies to migrant workers.

According to the latest count of the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, most of the 16,743 OFWs are in the fields of education, hospitality management and managerial positions.

(Source: nationmultimedia.com)