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Thailand’s 13,002 new Covid-19 cases, another record-breaking

Thailand logged another record-breaking high of 13,002 new COVID-19 cases accumulated for the past 24 hours, the Public Health Ministry reported on Wednesday morning.

11,953 of the new cases are from the general public, while 1,049 came among prison inmates.

The number of COVID-19 patients who recovered and were discharged from the hospital for the last 24 hours is 8,248; fatalities were reported at 108.

The kingdom has now 439,477 total infections since the pandemic began.

According to Worldometer, Thailand ranks 52nd on the global list of highest COVID-19 total cases as of Wednesday, July 21, 9:00 A.M. The United States is still on the top with 35,081,719, followed by 31,215,142 cases from India, and 19,419,741 from Brazil. The Philippines is on the 23rd with 1,517,903. Micronesia is still with the least number of COVID-19 cases, logging with only a single case, already recovered, and no active case.

Source: MOPH