Explore Nan Province Province With Mark Lanzuela| Amazing Thailand

Due to COVID-19 and lockdowns happening around Thailand, traveling is being restricted around the country. A friend of mine and co-PinoyThaiyo contributor took some pictures of Nan Province a December ago. Here are some of his shots portraying Amazing Thailand.

During our short conversation with him, he mentioned that he was browsing through some old pictures. Due to travel restrictions, he wasn’t able to do his yearly volunteer work with the Phrai Tribe and enjoy freshly brewed coffee straight from the coffee farm. This province is dear to his heart because this is where he first landed a job working in Thailand. This is also where he refined his skills in photography and videography.

As an adventurer myself, when the time comes and travel restrictions are over, I would put this on my travel bucket list. For more pictures and videos please visit his Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, where he shares some Amazing shots and videos of different places he has visited in Thailand. Share and tag friends that are interested in having an awesome outdoor experience. You can contact him through his page for more information on how to get there and accommodation.