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Thailand’s Five Cities Among Best of the Best Destinations in 2024

Here are the 5 cities in Thailand that are among the best destinations in 2024 by the Travelers’ Choice Awards. The first four are familiar, but the fifth one might be a surprise for you. Also, don’t forget to check the ‘sixth’!

Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Khao Lak have been listed in the Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best Destination 2024 in five out of seven categories, rated by global travelers on Tripadvisor over 12 months.

1. Pattaya – 7th in Trending Destinations

Pattaya was ranked seventh among 25 cities in the category of Trending Destinations. Travelers like it for resorts, great outdoors, cabaret, and cultural tours. The listing has this to say about Pattaya:

“A visit to Pattaya is a wonderful way to explore the beaches along the Gulf of Thailand. Relaxed and family-friendly Jomtien Beach is a hot spot for watersports and seaside massages….”

2. Bangkok – 11th in Sustainable Destinations

Bangkok took 11th place in the category of Sustainable Destinations, and 15th in the category of Top Destinations. Travelers like it for city tours, historical tours, great outdoors, and bars and historical tours. It says about the city:

“Golden palaces, floating markets, majestic porcelain-laid spires… you’ve never seen a capital city quite like Bangkok….”

3. Phuket – 10th in Food Destinations

Phuket was also ranked in the 10th spot on the list of Food Destinations, followed by Chiang Mai in 17th place. Both Phuket and Chiang Mai have been prominent destinations in the 2024 Michelin Guide Thailand, which was released in December 2023.

Aside from food, Phuket is widely known for its blue lagoons, sunsets, watersports, diving, and many other things.

4. Chiang Mai – 17th in Food Destinations

Chiang Mai’s dining experiences frequently stand out as memorable moments during a journey. Much like its unique art, language, and cultural legacy, the local cuisine in Chiang Mai sets itself apart from its counterparts in the southern and eastern regions.

Cuisine are with milder curries but there’s a more prominent use of ginger and turmeric. The primary staple in every meal is khao niao (sticky rice), replacing the common steamed rice, and it complements a variety of nam prik (chilli dips) exclusive to northern culinary traditions.

5. Khao Lak – 6th in Honeymoon Destinations

Tourists walking on Khao Lak beach
Photo: xyzasia.com

Khao Lak placed sixth in the category of Honeymoon Destinations. This island is quietly bouncing back from the 2004 tsunami. Lovers prefer this place as it is more tranquil, especially at night. There are also family-oriented activities here. The listing has this to say about Khao Lak:

“It remains quieter than other coastal destinations, offering secluded beaches, tranquil nights and family-oriented activities….”

As a bonus for our Pinoy readers and anyone who wants to visit the Philippines, Palawan is also listed as the 4th best destination among many in the list under the Trending Destinations. So you may want to consider Palawan as your next destination if you are heading to the Philippines and see for yourself why travelers around the globe like that city.

Source: TripAdvisor