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Singaporean TikTok User Hospitalized After Eating Fried Insects in Bangkok

A Singaporean woman found herself hospitalized after indulging in a culinary experiment during a night market visit in Bangkok.

Documenting on TikTok her escapade last Sunday, Jan 14, influencer Nicolette Wee recounted seeing a stall that offered fried insects. In a brief 30-second video, Wee enthusiastically purchased a bag of fried grasshoppers, describing them as “thick, fat, and juicy” with a satisfying crunch.

“So thick, fat and juicy,” she quipped. “Oh my gosh, the crunch and the legs were dangling out. I eat until shiok, legit.”

Intrigued, she returned to the same stall for another unconventional treat—this time opting for a bag of silkworm larvae, lamenting the absence of such snacks in her office pantry.

“Why my office pantry don’t have these kinds of snacks?” she added.


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However, Wee’s gastronomic adventure took an unexpected turn as her digestive system seemed not like it. The tiktoker reportedly suffered from diarrhea, and required admission to a hospital in Singapore.

Wee’s TikTok video has gained over 290,000 views as of writing, with numerous comments expressing skepticism about the worthiness of her hospitalization. Some cautionary voices emphasized the potential risks associated with consuming insects and seafood while traveling, citing concerns about parasites.

While Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant city and diverse culinary experiences, particularly in tourist areas, caution is advised when indulging in street food. Although street vendors generally maintain cleanliness standards, due to street foods exposure to open air, buyers are still encouraged to be careful. They are encouraged to trust their instincts and consider carrying “first-aid” essentials like activated charcoal or rehydration salts in case of food-related illnesses.

Source: TikTok Nicolette Callie Wee