Thailand’s new entry regulations prompt tourists to cancel trips, tour agencies say

The latest 7-point Notice to Airmen (Notam) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has prompted many tourists to cancel their trips, Phukmit Raktaengam said on Sunday.

CAAT regulations require airlines to check that all passengers have at least two Covid-19 vaccines before boarding a flight to Thailand.

“These regulations affect tour operators as unvaccinated tourists have cancelled their trips to Thailand,” he said, adding that foreign tour operators were also unsure of the government’s move.

He added that the association referred the proposals of foreign travel agencies to the government for consideration.

According to the association, travel agencies in Britain, Germany, France and Russia have all said the government was too hasty in enacting the rules. Some operators have complained that many tourists have canceled their trips to Thailand, negatively affecting their business and Thailand’s tourism industry.